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What is easyei?

Who is it for?

Why use it?

An electronic invoicing platform for both sending electronic invoices to clients and for receiving invoices in any format, including paper, from providers. independant interconection module with the Spanish Tax Office electronic site (SII).

Companies of any size who want to increase their productivity while improvong and optimizing their invoicing processes from suppliers and to clients

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  • Cost savings of upto 50%
  • No start-up investment
  • Variable cost depending on number of invoices processed.

Invoice emissionInvoice emission              Invoice Receipt

Online set-up with a valid digital certificate.

Load from files in various formats.

  Receipt in various formats.

Output in various formats.

In less than 3 minutes a user, with a valid digital certificate, can register with the portal and start the process of emitting invoices.


In the case of an existing accounting/invoicing system, easyEi is the ideal  tool to convert information/accounting notes into electronic invoices. There are various formats for the loading of said information/invoices to speed up the issuing process.

The possibility of having one unique entrance for invoices, whatever the format. Electronic invoices, invoices by email and on paper, can all be received in the same unique reception channel.

Invoices can be sent to an accounting system with a specific file or to an operating system with a different one. Be flexible in the choice of output format.

Inmediate VAT Information supply to "AEAT"

Configure invoice format.

Invoice workflow with accept/refuse.

Invoice Workflow.

Web Access.

There are a number of basic formats for the emission of invoices: pdf, xml and txt. But more formats can be easily added so that the recipient has the electronic invoice in a suitable format.

The workflow will allow knowledge of the client's acceptance or refusal of the invoice, which means a guaranteeing of delivery and a reduction in the  duration of the process.

Extendible workflow with very different states, which will allow a simple processes  and more complex ones with  functionalities for: accounting code, approval circuits, validation/automatic balance and resolution of  exceptions. Resulting in an accounting file for the ERP, if so desired.

Web access without system requirements, without the necessity to buy new hardware or software. You just need a browser and an internet connection.

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